Happy New Year!

Just a quick note from me to you, I hope you had a wonderful New Year, whatever you did, and that 2019 is full of love, light and laughter. As I reflect back, 2018 was one of my more interesting years, rather full of health issues, botched surgery, terror-inducing incidents, panic to meet study deadlines,… Continue reading Happy New Year!

Closing the Bones

My experience of closing the bones was beautiful.  I loved the feeling of liberation as the wrap rocked my hips, and the grounding and gentle touch the massage provided. As the group held me, grounding me in a multitude of rebozos, I felt loved, sacred even.  The drumming beat became all I could hear, the… Continue reading Closing the Bones

Invoking your Wild side….

I love essential oils. I love the way the aromas fill my senses, scents to soothe, to relax, to stimulate. Which is why, for the last 12 months, I've been working on three ranges of oil blends. The first of these, is the Wild Range. I'm crazy about these blends. I've been working my potion… Continue reading Invoking your Wild side….

Yummy Vegan Brownies

Welcome to my second post beautiful people!   In this post I'll be sharing a gorgeous gooey vegan brownie recipe. These are my favourite brownies, super nutty and totally more-ish. I took the inspiration for these from an Honestly Healthy recipe a couple of years ago, made various tweaks and felt it was fitting that they… Continue reading Yummy Vegan Brownies